Product Features

Light bar offers a wide range of design options to suspend lighting fixtures in theaters and auditoriums.

Designed with the highest standards of construction using 40nb MS tubes duly powder coated in black matt texture finish.

Ideal for raising and lowering of lighting equipment up to 10 mtrs.
5mm dia anti rotating GI wire ropes for suspending the entire system.
Dynamic self sustaining worm-geared set motor with DC brake screw helix angle less than 4 degrees to prevent back winding.
Two safety micro switches one for top limit and an extra emergency safety switch and one for the bottom limit and an extra emergency safety switch.
Cable retractor, power/signal cable and earthing cables, 32A and 16A CEE junction boxes, 10A IEC and DMX junction box,


  • Material:Mild Steel
  • Electric Motor:1.5 / 2.5 HP
  • Gear Box:Multi Gear, Output ratio 80:1
  • Self Weight:200 Kgs
  • Safe Working Load:180 Kgs
  • Max Travel Distance:10 Mtr
  • Lift Speed:4-5 Mtr/Min
  • Min Collapse Height:1.2 Mtr
  • Safety:Two safety micro switches each for the top limit and the bottom limit
  • Locking System:DC Brake
  • Lifting Rope:5mm dia anti rotating GI wire ropes
  • Finish:Powder coated in black matt texture
  • Control:RCP, Wireless, Handheld Remote, VFD
  • Applications:Auditoriums, theaters, etc