Our Audio category includes wide range of Audio Products from internationally acclaimed brand names. It includes products like Headphones, Microphones, active audio systems, speakers, mixers and other accessories for audio category for content creation, production of live shows and microphones for broadcasting. We deal with globally applauded names in the field of professional audio systems like HARMAN (AKG, JBL, Soundcraft, Studer, Lexicon, etc.), AVID, RODE, YAMAHA, GENELEC, MOTU, SENNHEISER etc.

We deals with active audio systems, microphones, audio correction tools, professional audio systems for media, production houses, broadcasting industry and entertainment industry.

Our Audio Solution Offerings are-

  • Post Production Studio Setup
  • Radio Station Setup
  • Auditorium Integration
  • Audio Studio Setup
  • Mini Theatre Setup

Broadcast solutions :

Complete turn key solution included (Broadcast cameras/Broadcast audio mixing console analog & digital/All kind of microphone for broadcast application/studio monitors/headphones/telephone hybrid system/ talk back system/LED video wall solution/ Acoustics for PCR/MCR studios/ studio lighting solutions/ Play out automation/storage/Video Edition solution/Graphics solutions/Archiving solution/Media asset management solution/ Digitization solution/RF solutions etc. for news/entertainment channels of IP & Satellite community radio & commercial FM channels.

Blog for Media &Entertainment :

Professional Audio Segments: We are specialize in setting up turn key professional audio solution in cinema/studio & broadcast/ installed/portable & live sound segments.

Professional Audio products range : We have all the professional audio products range included Ceiling speakers, Column speakers, Line array speakers, Paging horns speakers, In-wall speakers, Point source speakers, Surface mount speakers, Speakers to design multi-zone PA system in analog & digital formats with 8 zone to 20,000 zones for background music &emergency evacuation hospitality.

Professional Audio Technology &Brands: We are designing the solutions using high end Line source technology, Isowave technology, wave drive technology, Aero wave technology & point source precision technology with world class professional audio brands included Pulz electronics/Harman-JBL/QSC/Bose/Mayer Sound/Galalite/Harkness/Sony/Christie/Barco/Panasonic/Epson/UFO/Canare/XtremeMedia/Delta/Honeywell/Shure/NeumannSennheiser/Yamaha/Genelec/SSL/Manley/Allen &Heath/UAD/Apogee/RME/Motu/Dyna-audio/Sonodyne/Avid/Steinberg etc. has the global presence.

Professional Audio solutuions : The professional audio solution included multipurpose auditoriums, commercial cinema, home theatre, bar &restaurant, community radio, commercial FM solution, convention centers, hotels, house of worship, portable pa setups, av solutions for stadium & arenas, AV solution for corporates, av solutions for educational institutes, smart class room setups, active learning class rooms, audio video conferencing solution for Administrative meeting spaces, all kind of audio video professional production studio setups music & film production studios, animation production studio and grading setup for films preview theatres solution for films.

Auditoriums :

Solution offering turn key project included acoustics, Line array & Cinema sound system, projection system, cinema screen ,cinema server for content playback, LCD/LED/DLP video wall(1.2, 1.5, 1.9, 2.5 & 3mm)Stage lighting with proscenium & curtain.

Cinema Theatres included :

Turn key solution with all kind of audio format included 5.1/7.1/Dolby Atmos&Auro 3D with DCI DLP/Laser Projection system, Cinema Screens, Dolby audio processor, cinema server with storage & acoustics treatment.

Home theatre with automation :

Turn key solution with all kind of audio format included 5.1/7.1/Dolby Atmos&Auro 3D with Non DCI DLP/Laser Projection system, Cinema Screens, Dolby audio processor, AV receiver & blue ray player for content playback, acoustics treatment with cinema chairs & recliners.

Bars & Restaurant :

Sound solution with wall mount & ceiling mount speakers playback source, amplifiers, mixer & microphone as per requirement.

Broadcast Radio & TV Channels included :

All kind of microphones, Analog & Digital mixing consoles, Studio monitors, Headphones, Delay Units etc.

Conventions centers :

complete audio video solution included sound, projection, Led video wall, digital podium, audio video conferencing, lighting solution, acoustics.

House of worship :

Complete audio solution included line array sound system, digital podium, mixer, amplifiers along with all kind of microphones as per requirement.

Hotels :

complete audio video solution included sound, projection, Led video wall, audio video conferencing, DJ setup for bars, lighting, digital podium etc.

Portable PA Solution :

Offering small, mid & big PA system.

Stadium & Arenas :

Offering Led video wall solution, sound system as per the requirement.

Corporates (VC & Audio video solution)

Offering small, mid & big PA system.

Music production studios :

Solution with all the audio formats Stereo/2.1/5.1/7.1/Dolby Atmos 9.1/Auro 3D 11.1, Avid/Apple/Steinberg DAW, control surfaces, mic preamps, acoustics treatment, all kind of studio microphones.

Film production studios :

Solution with all audio formats Stereo/2.1/5.1/7.1/Dolby Atmos 9.1/Auro 3D 11.1 with Avid control surfaces S6/M10 & S6/M40 small, medium & large size, acoustics treatment, Active & passive studio monitors, projection system etc.

Preview theatres :

Solutions offering cinema sound with all audio format & projection system with DCI & Non DCI along with cinema server, cinema screen, acoustics treatment with recliners.

Sound solution for Grading setup :

Cinema sound for all the audio surround formats with complete grading solution & acoustics treatment along with cinema chairs & recliners.

Class room solution :

Complete audio video solution included sound, projector screen, digital podium & audio video conferencing solution for multiple locations.